Restaurant of happenings

Avda de Los Boliches 4 29640 Fuengirola

Restaurant Kukko has grown into a restaurant of happenings during the recent years. Finnish melody stars have found their way one by one to the evenings of Kukko restaurant. Melodies of troubadours as well as more lively pop music are heard as more and more stars step up to the stage. The stars are mostly well known to the Finnish audience as they come back from recent centennials. Schlagers and new hits sound well in the late shading evenings of Fuengirola.

In the winter time there are many happenings in a week, so you have a lot of choice.

Shining stars

Experience special moments

Forthcoming events

Economically prized quality dinner before the concert is one of the main brands of Kukko restaurant. Good and warm service included with tasty food and professional music guarantees your enjoyment.

Dance is found now and then, even though there is no dance floor at the restaurant. This is due to the fact that the dinner nights are so famous, so we want to allow entrance to as many clients as possible. In special cases the dance floor can be made available in the front of the state.

We recommend you to make a reservation for table and tickets beforehand. Nights are normally sold out in good time before. But you can always ask for cancellations.